is the premier site to purchase the insurance your law firm needs – whether it is professional liability insurance, employment practices liability insurance or employee theft coverage. We have obtained this status by offering law firms with the following top level services:

Insurance Placement

Our focus is on transferring and financing the risk your firm faces. The primary method used is through purchasing insurance. We work with your organization to discover what insurance you need and then present multiple options for you to consider. The types of insurance we help place include:
• Errors and omissions insurance (professional malpractice)
• Employment practices insurance
• Directors and officers insurance
• Employee theft insurance
• Fiduciary liability insurance

Risk Analysis

No two law firms are the same. The brokers you will work with assess the risks facing your individual firm.  We do this through open dialogue with your firm and the use of risk mapping, which shows us what is important to you and where your greatest exposures might be.

Claims Advocacy

When a claim is made against your insurance policy we will assist your firm as you report the matter to the insurance company. We will also act as your advocate and liaison to the insurer.  Having an experienced broker to monitor and communicate with the insurance company and push for swift resolution often proves invaluable.

Coverage Analysis

Obtaining multiple options for your firm’s professional liability and management liability insurance is a great first step – but it is only the first step. We will work to secure the latest coverage enhancements and broadest options for your firm to consider. We realize your professional liability insurance is among the top priorities for you and we strive to give you the best options in the marketplace today. We will review your current policy for gaps and negotiate your next policy to offer broad market-competitive protection for your law firm. Some of the enhanced coverages we may be able to secure for your law firm include:
• Broad definition of “wrongful act” and “claim”
• Advancement of defense costs
• Ability to choose your coverage counsel in the event of a claim
• Innocent partner protection
• Additional defense costs
• Defense costs advanced
• Worldwide coverage
• Disciplinary proceedings coverage
• Deductible credit for mediation
• Personal injury and advertising liability coverage