Regional law firm, national ambitions

A regional law firm in the Midwest with over fifty attorneys was facing an existential crisis with competitors of all sizes looking to merge or acquire. After much discussion the firm decided to explore taking over several smaller firms, working with they discovered three of the five potential partners had large gaps in their liability program that could put the combined firm at risk. They were able to make an aggressive offer to the remaining two firms and avoided risking their partners personal assets by rolling in improperly insured attorneys.

Small town generalist partnership lacking coverage

A twelve person law firm in rural Ohio had worked through a local agent who contracted with a big city wholesale insurer to place coverage. After discussing options they retained to access the insurance underwriters directly, which lowered commissions paid and premiums. The firm was presented with a range of alternatives and after examining how their financials would be affected, decided to take more risk and increase cash flow.

Single attorney, tired of unwarranted pricing increases

A single attorney with two paralegals on the west coast was shocked by an unexpected price increase from his long time carrier. After what was described as a “shake down” he contacted and lowered his premium from $6,000 to $3,000 a year.