Billing Practices Lead to Malpractice Claim

Boston-based law firm Goodwin Procter is facing a lawsuit alleging improper billing practices.  The plaintiff is claiming that the invoices submitted by the law firm were vague and overly high.  Examples provided by the plaintiff include charges of $800 an hour for a “telephone conference” and $825 an hour for “attention to deal.”  The total billings for the work done by the firm amount to over $1M.  This is not the first time Goodwin Procter has been involved with an invoicing dispute.

There are many best practices when it comes to invoices and billings, most state bars and the ABA require clear and regular communication with clients.  To avoid law firm malpractice claims, every firm should:

1) Provide frequent invoices in order to prevent “sticker shock”

2) Itemize each invoice into what was done and why it was relevant to the case

3)Avoid multiple attorneys from billing for similar work unless an explanation is provided

While this case is in its infancy, the lesson is poignant to all firms.  Contact us today to learn more about protecting your law firm.